1. Seaweed Brain

  2. have another wip that i’m not sure i’ll finish :P


    I liked the one from yesterday so I decided to do another one of these. And maybe a few more. We’ll see.

  5. Trying to de-stress myself and draw something without such high expectations of whatever that comes out of it. Troll portraits are always good to go back to. This art block is lasting forever, hopefully I’ll get back to actually enjoying drawing again.

  6. adventuresincloakstuck:

    Chapter 1 Page 1

    I’ve launched the Adventures in Cloakstuck fancomic on a whim. Time will tell whether or not this was a good idea. :P Check it out if you’re a Homestuck fan! (Yes I do realize it only has one page so far but check it out anyways.)

  7. some late night doodling. park ranger jade, and cloakstuck au jade and john

  8. Act 2!John with dramatic wind

  9. I really don’t know how this drawing turned into Finn and Marceline high-fiving (or why I ever thought this was a good idea), but it’s done and so, admire the high-five while Finn prepares to kick Marcy in the face, and Bubblegum studies the effects of pink lighting on people who aren’t made out of bubblegum while applauding/high-fiving herself, and Jake… does a thing in the background.

    I really didn’t think this through no shit

  10. Dark!Bianca

    this took forever i’m like dead now