1. i don’t think i’ve animated anything in a looong time either. all my old skills are rusty. this is actually really shitty i mean it’s like the same two frames over and over oh well


  2. One shall be lost in the land without rain…

    Okay, so I haven’t written fanfiction in a really long time, so I might be rusty, but this was something I knew I couldn’t do justice in a comic because 1) my comics never go past the planning stage and 2) even if it does, there’s no guarantee it actually turns out well. So fanfic it is.

    Based on the idea I had for my Bianca-Nico sibling swap AU. This would probably serve as the prologue, though really just treat it as a completed one-shot with a cliffhanger since I don’t think I’m going to continue it.

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  3. sketchbook jade with blowy hair gives me life

  4. Piper Mclean

    more portraits of course more portraits

  5. Incendium

  6. feeling nostalgic about a lot of stuff lately

  7. I’ve been rewatching Avatar, and when I say that’s such a good show, I mean, it’s such a good show.

    This took so long though. My hands are tired.

  8. heeyyy radycat i went looking through your old art and i found some interesting stuff that i decided to recreate.

  9. Completed pic:

  10. more from new sketchbook. i can’t believe i went this long calling bianca my favourite character without remembering that she has freckles. i might have to revoke my fan card smh.